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One company with memory
is one company with Future

Consifex DNA

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Human Resources
  • Supply and Production Chains
They are present at all stages of the process of supply and product realisation and have always played an important role in their DNA, allowing them to respond fully to the increasingly demanding challenges of their customers and brands.
"Never give up without trying first!"
Consifex Vision

The commitment to the search for integrating and sustainable solutions
based on Innovation and Quality is the guarantee for Consifex to
continuously offer the Client, under a private label regime, garments of
excellence and refinement for Men, Women and Children.

Training Hours
Years of Experience


Together we globalise textile excellence
with Determination and Persistence.

As the guiding principles of Consifex activity, it privileges a proximity relationship with all its customers and stakeholders, assuming them entirely as its commercial partners. Consifex’s success is based on the determined and persistent commitment to continuous improvement in the search and development of excellence products in the textile universe that enable the value creation. 

Product Design and Development

contributes decisively to the competitiveness of our clients and brands

The Consifex has a Design & Development and three-dimensional modelling Atelier whose Mission is to contribute to the competitiveness of our Costumers and brands through the creation and development of differentiating and environmentally responsible Products. This innovationfocused approach involves and commits the Client upstream in the planning sphere of product development, which continues throughout the production process, thus providing greater control and creating opportunities that materialize in highly competitive products due to their design and functionality. Modelling and virtual three-dimensional animation are an integral part of this universe of high-added value.