A nossa Historia Consifex November 7, 2022

Our Story

Constituted on June 12, 1989, as a limited company, Consifex, since its embryonic phase, faced exponential growth due to its great concern with the quality of the service and product provided. The Product and Human Value Chains, the Vision, the Mission, the Values and Quality Control present in all stages of the process of supply and realization of the product always have assumed a key role in Consifex’s DNA. However, this same DNA is in constant mutation by the Determination to always want to do more and better in the keeping search for the best solutions for their clients and brands, but also by the enormous Persistence and Unity of the Team in wanting to Win under the motto ”Never give up without trying first!”.

From 2011, Consifex substantially increased its competitiveness, cementing its top position in the textile sector, in quantitative terms.

Until then, the Company, with a markedly family personality, had always stood out for the Union and trust between its peers. The company led by its mentor, Domingos Silva, and his wife, Conceição Simões, saw this Union consolidate with the entry of their daughters, Adília Silva and Carla Silva, into leadership positions.

Conceição Simões, with her vast experience in the textile sector, took responsibility for the company’s production, ensuring that all processes were carried out with quality and efficiency, always to offer the best to the market.

Adília Silva, the eldest daughter, brought her expertise in sales to the company and, with that, she took over as Head of the Commercial Department. Her leadership, marked by competence and negotiation skills, projected Consifex to new business and opportunities. In turn, Carla Silva assumed the leadership of the company’s Knitwear Department. Her technical competence and know-how (trained engineer) guaranteed Consifex the excellence of the quality of the manufactured products.

With vision, talent, dedication, and competence, Consifex was able to expand its business and remain increasingly competitive, making Consifex an example of success and overcoming.

The creation of a Design & Development Atelier, the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment based on new technologies and production techniques and the adoption of a Human Capital development plan with a strong focus on Qualification and skills development, has allowed, in turn, a qualitative growth.

Since 2013, Consifex has been awarded and recognized for its merit by several public and private institutions for its performance, competence, collaboration, and partnership. From them we highlight the award PME Líder (from 2013 onwards) and the award PME Excelência (awarded for the first time in 2016) as recognition of its enormous contribution to the growth of Portugal’s economy.

The year 2014, dictates the “departure” of Domingos Silva, the Founder of Consifex. In the same year, Adília Silva, becomes the Organization’s Helm Woman, assuming the position of Executive General Director. Currently, Consifex, in addition to its CEO, has a Management composed of 3 employees, 9 Departmental leaders, 1 Manager of Treatment and collection of information.

Together, they and their team daily lead the Organization towards excellence in manufacturing, marketing, design and development of textile clothing and accessories for Men, Women and Children in private label.

The recognition in 2017 by an independent third party in the international standard ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System Certification and Certification in the Organic Content Standard (2019) combined with the materialization of strategic development projects, such as, the creation of a Product Distribution Center and the Design & Development Studio (2020), they are the guarantor of Consifex’s competitive performance, which has allowed it to expand the business in a sustainable, responsible and committed to excellence and its Customers. The years 2021 and 2022 were years of excellence in terms of investments in equipment, improved working conditions and innovation. Consifex is proud to be considered a Challenger Organization in the market! A Runner-up company that competes aggressively for a price, quality, product/service provided value adding to the customer and its brands.