Estrategia e Processo Consifex February 6, 2021

Strategy and Process

The production strategy

is based on an integrated production and production management concept with strict quality control at each stage. Consifex has a highly qualified team with extensive experience and know-how and a set of equipment and productive techniques that ensure a timely and flexible response according to the needs of its customers and brands.
Perceive and apply
Process Integrated Production

Integrated Production Process and the constant actions and projects of Continuous Improvement of individual Skills taught to an efficient response to the Voice of the Customer (VOC), jointly with the production process itself, constitute a strong competitive advantage. The strategy adopted begins at VOC, continuing in Product Design & Development, allowing to transform the knowledge to listen to the requirements and expectations of customers in parts of high-quality standards with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Production steps

The attention to the Management and Control of the Information flow is maximum. Consifex is equipped with a department for this purpose. This integration of information in relevant activities of the production process allows clear, concise, and relevant information, making it available where necessary, in the exact quantity and at the appropriate timing for the realization of the activities.

Experienced Productive System

It allows a performance evaluation and control of all stakeholders through a set of tools and mechanisms that led to continuously improving the Savoir Faire in terms of Production Control of the entire Production Chain that is rigorously and carefully selected. The flexibility of the production system, in turn, allows us to respond to situations of high-volume demand, as well as to respond to small production runs, both in equally short timeframes at extremely competitive prices.