Formação e Qualificação Consifex November 10, 2022

Training and Qualification

Continuous improvement of individual skills
The effective management and governance of Consifex propose and combines a set of approaches that interact with each other. The process approach with the adoption of the PDCA cycle, the Human Capital development projects together with the most modern techniques and equipment and the tools that contribute decisively to the continuous improvement with the thought based on the risk have allowed an enormous competitive advantage for its Clients.
Consifex is committed to actions and projects of continuous improvement of individual skills, to direct and support employees so that they can contribute to the establishment of an organic system and be effectively productive. Knowing that Human Capital is a very valuable asset, and that it constitutes one of the greatest assets of any company, the bet in the formation and training of its collaborators is a constant the day-by-day.
Currently, Consifex has a remarkable record in terms of training components in the most diverse areas of the backbone of the textile domain: Quality, OHS, Process Management, 5S, Lean, Kaizen, Treatment of Non-Conformities, PDCA Cycle, Design & Development, etc. By this, it allows us to affirm that the technical staff of our various teams is highly specialized and experienced in all phases of the production process, injecting confidence in our customers, thus solidifying the business partnerships.