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Journal – 2022, june


CONSIFEX - Empresa 4.0

 33 Years of History that underpin the Future

Consifex is the materialization of a Man’s Dream. Today, it is a reality with more than 33 years of enriching but simultaneously demanding challenges, in the incessant search for excellence of knowing how to be and knowing how to do, which allows it to fully respond to the implicit and explicit requirements and expectations of its customers. The Product and Human Value Chains, the Vision, Mission, Values, and Quality control present in all stages of the product supply and production process, have always assumed a prominent role in Consifex’s DNA. However, this same DNA is constantly changing, not only because of the Determination to always want to do more and better in the constant search for the best solutions for its customers and brands, but also because of the enormous Persistence and Union of the Team and in Wanting to Win under the motto “Never give up without trying!”. The acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment based on modern technologies and production techniques and the adoption of
a Human Capital development plan with a strong focus on Qualification and skills development, has, in turn, allowed for qualitative growth. Consifex’s firm concern with Transparency, Ethics and Social Responsibility throughout the production process, with the aim of finding solutions and contributing to Environmental and Social sustainability, led to voluntary certification by a set of recognized Normative references. internationally, which, together with the materialization of strategic development projects, of which the creation of a Product Distribution Center and a Design & Development Atelier, are the guarantor of competitive performance, which has allowed it to expand its business in a sustained manner, responsible and committed to excellence and to its customers. Consifex is proud to be considered a Challenger Organization in the market! A runner-up company that competes aggressively by the price, quality, product/service provided, adding value to the customer and its brands.

Union weaves Trust, Determination draws
Courage and Persistence builds the Future!

The Past is in our Heart, The Future in our Hands!

This decade has been marked by a very diversified and demanding dynamic consumption, which forces organizations to constantly rethink their production strategy, both in terms of flexibility (translated into gains in speed), and in terms of productivity and integration and, Consifex is no exception to the rule.

The most recent production technologies (acquired according to the needs of our markets and customers), together with a true policy of qualification of Human capital, as well as a commitment to product innovation (the result of a huge investment in design and development and Product Distribution Center), has allowed gains in competitiveness that allow us to positively face this time as challenging as it was volatile as was the pandemic period (SARS COV 2) and in these last days the War located in the heart of Europe.
In addition to all this, the enormous process of solidification in terms of cooperation with our partners (based on a strategy) of B2B. The strong commitment to the sustainability of the products offered by us has also allowed for a capable response to requests from increasingly sophisticated and demanding markets and customers. The digitization of production means and processes has been a pillar in the Consifex universe, and is therefore largely responsible for the success achieved, as it has allowed us to transform 

and capitalize on weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities.
I am convinced that this is the only way Portuguese companies will be prepared to embrace the enormous challenges that lie ahead.
The strategic preparation of companies in terms of the qualification of human resources (increasingly scarce in the textile sector), a firm commitment to the digitization of activities and processes (allowing the continuous and immediate flow of information where and when necessary), a reorganization and flexibility productive organizational structure (capable of responding to small but demanding production series at the same time), compliance with the requirements arising from the demanding standards relating to quality control (and not only) and financial independence, will allow us to face with realism and hope the future.
The Past is in our Heart, the Future in our hands!

With Love,
Adília Silva

CONSIFEX - Digital Transformation

We regularly hear that the data is the new oil.
The popularization of internet access and the impulses in the processes of digital transformation have changed the consumption patterns of products and services and, consequently, the way companies work.
Presenting itself as a unique opportunity, digital transformation should optimize the processes, reduce costs, increase revenues, and ensure that companies remain competitive and profitable.
Digital technologies such as The Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are already some of the pieces that integrate this new reality.
These solutions incorporate more intelligence into organizations.

Companies and employees, in addition to the intensive use of new platforms, enjoy access to reliable data, anytime and anywhere, which allows for more assertive strategic decisions that drive business success.

It is based on this paradigm that CONSIFEX is always positioned with an eye on 

the future, implementing a digital “mindset” that cuts across all sectors. This mentality is put into practice with the creation of the “iCON” – intranet CFX. The tool aims to create effective link-in and communication between sectors, clearly inform all actors in procurement processes, transformation, quality control, commercial, design and administrative and create visual monitoring and management frameworks. The early implementation of corrective measures to unfavorable scenarios is now a reality. All digital and artificial intelligence systems communicate in the same language to feed “iCON”. The integration of all peripheral digital tools and the communication between them, allowed the execution of operational routines with a high standard of quality and speed. CONSIFEX, a 4.0 company!

Innovation & Design – 3D

The growing needs of the industry and the market make the Design & Development (D&D) department of organizations an essential support in adding value to the product.
Throughout history, we can observe the ballast shed by society’s reflection in the fashion world and consequently in the textile clothing industry. Within the fashion industry, it is worth highlighting the changes observed in the production processes, the development of new textile materials, the new forms of RDI and presentation of products (and articles), namely 3D technology.
This technology (3D) allows the designer to create something substantially new according to the specifics and requirements of the client. The 3D system has numerous advantages, of which the agility regarding the testing of the part, the necessary touches, and adjustments, contributing to a significant reduction in the number of prototypes needed to achieve the desired fitting.

This commitment to innovative technologies provides companies with decisive competitive advantages. It should be noted that the implementation of this program also aims to reduce development times, as well as reducing the need to produce stocks, producing only what the customer wants, after the approval of the 3D model.
We believe that the adoption of modern technologies is a fundamental vector for continuous improvement and improvement in production efficiency, resulting in a lower impact in environmental terms, contributing decisively to safeguarding the environment, a property that is the responsibility of all of us.
Innovation & Design are hand in hand towards sustainable progress in which the fundamental objective remains present: better serve the customer!
Clever ideas and good developments!


Trends and challenges

The future will catalyze enormous transformations in organizations. Rapid technological development invites the increasing integration of production and sales processes. In turn, the constant changes in international demand by the end customer (as a result of globalization, but not only…), contribute decisively to the same effect. These factors, seen as requirements, do not give companies any margin for error, which implies on the part of organizations the creation of synergy networks and a deep capacity for adaptation and innovation. The incessant search for continuous improvement (MC) is the basis for a true cost and resource management policy, enabling enormous gains in terms of productive efficiency and effectiveness. In this way, companies with high technological capacity (most of it based on the Industrial Internet of Things concept) are able to offer their customers and markets a set of innovative products.
For this reason, the commitment based on MC, critical management and decision-making based on objective evidence emanating from the productive performance indicators allow production structures to become extremely flexible, providing the optimization of processes, allowing at the same time that activities and technologies that add value to the process and product to enhance solid profitability per unit of part produced. The range of KPIs available to organizations is very varied. Of course, each organization should choose those that best fit its production processes, nature, personality, scope and strategy of sustainable development through the optimization of costs vs. results obtained. The textile sector is well aware that only using the most modern production methods and methodologies will it be able to achieve the objectives outlined through the production of high added value products based on a true policy of management of production processes and cost management.

Continuous improvement of individual skils.

Consifex’s effective management and governance proposes several approaches that interact with each other. First, the process approach with the adoption of the PDCA cycle and the tools that contribute to the continuous improvement of process management systems with risk-based thinking. In addition, the implementation of Human Capital development projects, as well as the most modern techniques and production equipment and digitalization have contributed to the consolidation of process integration and, as a result, the Company’s sustained growth. Consifex is committed to actions and projects for continuous improvement of individual skills, to direct and support Employees so that they can contribute to the establishment of an organic and efficiently productive system. Knowing that Human Capital is an unbelievably valuable asset and that it is one of the greatest assets of any company, the commitment to the training and training of its employees is a constant in Consifex’s day-to-day. Consifex currently has a notable record in terms of training components in the most diverse areas of the textile domain: Quality, HSST, Process Management, 5S, Lean, Kaizen, Treatment of Non-Conformities, PDCA Cycle, Design & Development, etc. …, whether in a training room environment or on the factory floor. All this allows us to affirm that the technical staff of our different teams is highly specialized and experienced in all stages of the production process, injecting confidence in our customers, solidifying commercial partnerships.

B2B & B2C

Increasingly, the business experience absorbed during the upstream processes (D&D, Commercial and Marketing) are the main drivers of the high repurchase rates. It is therefore necessary to generate value for the customer upstream of the entire process, so that the customer is aware of it before conducting the business. Multidisciplinary and the development of skills in the departments involved is therefore an essential requirement for success. The Commercial team, together with Design & Development, play a decisive role in the B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) business strategies through Voice of Client (VOC) allowing to correctly identify requirements, the preferred communication channels, and new business opportunities. In this chapter, the training and training component of the teams is fundamental. The need to formalize daily goals, considering the demands emanating from customers and brands, is another imperative for which middle management must pay attention. Although of markedly different nature and
characteristics, the different organizational resources must be prepared for both types of business since they influence several important aspects in the company. It is worth highlighting here the importance of communication with customers and the commercial and marketing strategies (based on the needs and expectations of the target audience) used. Thus, the Challenger Sales attitude of the elements that make up some of these teams is increasingly strong and important for business success. However, the profile associated with the posture depends on the business personality and characteristics of the client and its brand. In addition to all this, the diversity, needs and volume of operations to be conducted by each of these types of business, in themselves require enormous productive flexibility on the part of organizations. These implications are not restricted to competences and attributes referring to human and productive capital; it goes far beyond that. These requirements include, for example, the need for various levels and distribution channels, customer support services and after-sales service, for which organizations must be qualified and properly prepared to better add value to their customers. and brands.
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