Projetos Consifex February 6, 2020


Product Design and Development
Since 2011, Consifex has designed and developed a set of unique projects that explain the excellence of the results achieved. Today, Consifex is considered by its clients as a Market Challenger company.
Company Strategy and Development
Consifex has designed and developed, as a result of its business development strategy, a set of projects that greatly explain the excellence of the results achieved. These projects range from the modernization of its facilities, acquisition of equipment and state-of-the-art technology with the application of the most modern production techniques, to the improvement of the training component and certification of skills of its collaborators and the implementation of a Product Distribution Center and a Design & Product Development Atelier.
Digital Strategy

The digital strategy was not forgotten. Consifex, attentive to global circumstances and concerned about its clients and brands, has developed a digital strategy that allows its client the proximity that so much demand, enabling the “Just In Time” monitoring of the product realization process.