Sobre Nós Consifex February 6, 2020


Consifex is a Materialization
of a Dream
I am Adília Silva, daughter of the founders and the CEO of Consifex – Malhas e Confecções, Lda. since 2014. I was invited by my parents to join this team in 1997, having then exercised my activity in almost all departments of the production cycle. It gave me the opportunity to acquire a deep, comprehensive, and global technical knowledge of the textile world. Above all, I learned to respect and value the individuality and the company. My business path is based today on the pillars of Union, Determination and Persistence, and these are and always will be the basis of Consifex.
A Men's Dream

Domingos Silva's legacy excels! In his words: "... perfection can be an illusion that prevents us from achieving our goals, so I prefer the path of excellence. Today, it is a reality with more than 33 years of enriching and simultaneously demanding challenges in the relentless pursuit of excellence in knowing how to Be and knowing how to Do. It allows us to fully respond to implicit and explicit requirements and expectations of our Clients.

We can only manage
what we can measure.

The excellence in responding to the requests and requirements of our clients in terms of Quality, meeting delivery deadlines and in competitiveness based on the Value added to their brands, is only possible due a careful strategic management. Investments in several key areas, on behalf of our customers, allow us today to quantify Who We Are.
Quantifying who we are

Total area: 3.500 sqm
Product Distribution Center: 1200 sqm
Knitting Warehouse: 500 sqm
Sewing Area: 450 sqm


4 Quality Controllers in external service
2 Quality Controllers in internal service
Extreme production flexibility

Design & Development

1 Design Atelier
Three-dimensional modelling station
Show Room with more than 200 models on display
Prototyping Atelier

Cutting and CAD

4 Automatic spreading stations
2 Lectra Vector IQ50 automatic cutting stations
4 Modaris Export Letra pattern-making stations
Stand-alone Station for Making Cutting Plans

Sewing process

In-house sewing process with state-of-the-art equipment
Subcontractors management department
Sample taking department in 24 hours

Packaging and Shipping

11 ironing stations
8 packing stations
Finished product quality control station
Dispatch department

Excellence and Quality are the Source of who we are.
The sustained growth is the mirror image of a modern company, capable and prepared to present a final product of Excellence. These results are the result of duly considered medium and long-term strategic decisions, but also the result of a solid investment in the development of skills, in the Control of all stages of the production process, in the various voluntary certifications under the applicable international standards, in the management of relevant information, in the competence of the Design & Development Atelier, etc.
  • Matrix employees
  • Departments with specialized and experienced multidisciplinary teams
  • Experienced Customer Managers in constant training
  • 500 hours of training provided in the last 5 years
  • Quality Control at all stages of the production process
  • Programas 5S, kaizen e Lean
  • Atelier of Design & Development and Three-Dimensional Modeling
  • Modern production system capable of responding to the most demanding requests
  • Certifications OEKOTEX, GOTS; OCS, BCI, ISO 9001:2015 e Higg Index
  • Digital Strategy
  • Partnerships with institutions that honor and dignify Portugal
  • 33 Years of Success Stories from our Clients